Name: Bjerkandera adusta (Willd.) P. Karst.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Bjerkandera adusta

Author: (Willd.) P. Karst.

Citation: Meddn Soc. Fauna Flora fenn. 5: 38 (1879)

Deprecated Synonyms: Polystictus adustus (Willd.) Fr., Boletus adustus Willd., Polyporus adustus (Willd.) Fr., Polyporus adustus (Willd.) Fr. subsp. adustus, Polyporus adustus (Willd.) Fr. var. adustus, Polyporus adustus (Willd.) Fr. f. adustus, Bjerkandera adusta (Willd.) P. Karst. f. adusta, Leptoporus adustus (Willd.) Quél., Leptoporus adustus (Willd.) Quél. f. adustus, Polystictus adustus (Willd.) Gillot & Lucand, Gloeoporus adustus (Willd.) Pilát, Gloeoporus adustus (Willd.) Pilát f. adustus, Tyromyces adustus (Willd.) Pouzar, Grifola adusta (Willd.) Zmitr. & Malysheva, Boletus adustus Willd. var. adustus, Boletus fuscoporus J.J. Planer, Boletus pelleporus Bull., Polyporus adustus var. pelleporus (Bull.) Pers., Boletus carpineus Sowerby, Polyporus carpineus (Sowerby) Fr., Polyporus adustus var. carpineus (Sowerby) Fr., Polystictus carpineus (Sowerby) Konrad, Boletus crispus Pers., Boletus adustus var. crispus (Pers.) Pers., Polyporus crispus (Pers.) Fr., Polyporus crispus (Pers.) Fr. f. crispus, Leptoporus crispus (Pers.) Quél., Agaricus crispus (Pers.) E.H.L. Krause, Gloeoporus crispus (Pers.) G. Cunn., Boletus concentricus Schumach., Poria argentea Ehrenb., Polyporus adustus var. argenteus (Ehrenb.) Pers., Boletus isabellinus Schwein., Polyporus isabellinus (Schwein.) Steud., Bjerkandera isabellina (Schwein.) P. Karst., Polyporus murinus Rostk., Polyporus subcinereus Berk., Polyporus secernibilis Berk., Polyporus halesiae Berk. & M.A. Curtis, Polyporus digitalis Berk., Polyporus scanicus Fr., Bjerkandera scanica (Fr.) P. Karst., Polyporus lindheimeri Berk. & M.A. Curtis, Microporus lindheimeri (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Kuntze, Polyporus dissitus Berk. & Broome, Leptoporus albellus (Peck) Bourdot & L. Maire) subsp. albellus, Leptoporus albellus (Peck) Bourdot & L. Maire f. albellus, Tyromyces albellus (Peck) Bondartsev & Singer f. albellus, Polyporus fumosogriseus Cooke & Ellis, Daedalea oudemansii var. fennica P. Karst., Daedalea fennica (P. Karst.) P. Karst., Polyporus curreyanus Berk. ex Cooke, Poria curreyana (Berk. ex Cooke) G. Cunn., Leptoporus adustus f. zonatulus Quél., Bjerkandera adusta f. zonatula (Quél.) Domański, Polystictus gloeoporoides Speg., Microporus gloeoporoides (Speg.) Kuntze, Polyporus macrosporus Britzelm., Polyporus ochraceocinereus Britzelm., Polyporus burtii Peck, Leptoporus nigrellus Pat., Polyporus nigrellus (Pat.) Sacc. & D. Sacc., Coriolus alabamensis Murrill, Polystictus alabamensis (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, Polyporus amesii Lloyd, Polystictus puberulus Bres., Polyporus adustus f. resupinata Bres., Polyporus crispus f. resupinata Bres., Polyporus excavatus Velen., Gloeoporus adustus f. excavatus (Velen.) Pilát, Polyporus adustus var. ater Velen., Polyporus cinerascens Velen., Polyporus atropileus Velen., Gloeoporus adustus f. atropileus (Velen.) Pilát, Polyporus tegumentosus Velen., Gloeoporus adustus f. tegumentosus (Velen.) Pilát, Daedalea solubilis Velen., Gloeoporus adustus f. solubilis (Velen.) Pilát, Bjerkandera adusta f. solubilis (Velen.) Bondartsev, Leptoporus adustus f. resupinatus Bourdot & Galzin, Bjerkandera adusta f. resupinatus (Bourdot & Galzin) Domański, Leptoporus albellus f. raduloides Pilát, Leptoporus adustus f. viridans Pilát

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Pileus cespitose-imbricate, decurrent, sometimes effused, conchate, fleshy-tough or corky, somewhat flexible when dry, 2-4 X 4-8 X 0.2-0.4 em.; surface undulate, indistinctly zonate, especially near the margin, finely tomentose or villose, isabelline with slightly darker markings; margin thin, undulate, sterile, pallid, usually becoming black as though scorched; context fibrous-corky, white, 1-3.5 mm. thick; tubes short, 1 mm. or less long, smoky-white to blackish within, mouths regular, angular, 5-6 to a mm., smoke-colored and pruinose when young, soon becoming grayish-black, edges thin, entire; spores ellipsoid- allantoid, 3-5 X 1.5-2 .5 IJ..
Occasional on dead deciduous wood in California. This species also occurs .at times on coniferous wood.

Habitat/range: On hardwoods, rarely on conifers, causing a white rot. Wide- spread in BC from the Dawson Creek area south to the BC/WA border and east of the Coast Mountains, except for several collections in the Vancouver/ Victoria areas. Widespread and common in western North America Basidiomata pileate, sessile, reflexed, or effuse, tough; pileus 1–6 cm wide × 3–10 cm long × 0.1–0.8 cm thick, often imbricate; pileus surface cream to buff, tomentose to glabrous, sometimes faintly zonate; context pale buff, up to 6 mm thick; tubes smoky grey, distinct from the context, up to 1 mm deep, lacking a dark line at the base of the tube layer; pore surface grey to black; pores round to angular, 6–7 per millimetre, edges thin, entire.
Hyphae 3–5 μm diameter with frequent clamp connections, walls thin to moderately thick; basidiospores cylindric or narrowly ellipsoid, 5–6 × 2.5– 3.5 μm.
Notes: The contrast between the grey to black tube layer and the white con- text is a good field character.

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