Name: Myochromella V. Hofstetter, Clémençon, Moncalvo & Redhead
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Rank: Genus

Status: Accepted

Name: Myochromella

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Author: V. Hofstetter, Clémençon, Moncalvo & Redhead

Citation: Hofstetter et al., Cryptogamie, Mycologie, 35(4):399-425. 2014.

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Taxonomic Revision and Examination of Ecological Transitions
of the Lyophyllaceae (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) Based on a
Multigene Phylogeny
Author(s): Valérie Hofstetter, Scott Alan Redhead, Frank Kauff, Jean-Marc Moncalvo, Patrick Brandon Matheny & Rytas Vilgalys
Source: Cryptogamie, Mycologie, 35(4):399-425. 2014.
Published By: Association des Amis des Cryptogames

Basidiomata smallish, solitary, gregarious or occasionally paired (not caespitose); pileus striate and hygrophanous and lamellae broad and free or nearly free; stipes relatively narrow and somewhat cartilaginous; not staining; basidiospores smooth, nonamyloid, hyaline, white in mass. Basidia containing abundant, conspicuous macro-siderophilous granules. Clamp connections present.
Holotype: Myochromella inolens (Fr.) V. Hofstetter, Clémençon,
Moncalvo & Redhead, comb. nov. (MB810939)
Basionym: Agaricus inolens Fr., Epicr. Syst Mycol. (Upsaliae): 96. 1838
Etymology: Latin Myo- (mouse), chrom (color), -ella (small), hence
“little mouse color”

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