Name: Polyporus balansae Speg.
Version: 1

First person to use this name on MO: Erlon Bailey

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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Polyporus balansae

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: Speg.


Deprecated Synonyms: Boletus gilvus Schwein., Polyporus gilvus (Schwein.) Fr., Mucronoporus gilvus (Schwein.) Ellis & Everh., Fomes gilvus (Schwein.) Speg., Hapalopilus gilvus (Schwein.) Murrill, Fomes gilvus (Schwein.) Lloyd, Boletus membranaceus Sw., Polyporus scruposus Fr., Polyporus rubiginosus Berk., Polyporus calvescens Berk., Polyporus licnoides Mont., Polyporus omalopilus Mont., Polyporus flabellum Mont., Polyporus isidioides Berk., Polystictus membranacea (Sw.) Berk., Polyporus trachodes Lév., Polyporus spurcus Lév., Polyporus connexus Lév., Polyporus bonplandianus Lév., Polyporus bonplandensis Lév., Polyporus holosclerus Berk., Trametes pertusa Fr., Polyporus carneofulvus Berk., Polyporus endozonus Fr., Polystictus unguicularis Fr., Trametes petersii Berk. & M.A. Curtis, Polyporus caesiellus Ces., Polyporus aggrediens Berk., Polystictus tenuis Link ex Cooke, Placodes fucatus Quél., Polystictus proditor Speg., Polyporus aureomarginatus Henn., Polystictus subglaber Ellis & T. Macbr., Hexagonia vittata Ellis & T. Macbr., Polyporus gilvoides Henn., Mucronoporus sublilacinus Ellis & Everh., Phellinus lichnoides (Mont.) Pat., Polyporus illicicola Henn., Fomitiporella demetrionis Murrill, Coriolus delectans Murrill, Phellinus stabulorum Pat., Pyropolyporus tenuissimus Murrill, Hapalopilus ramosii Murrill, Coriolus pertenuis Murrill, Polyporus hookeri Berk., Polyporus marcuccianus Lloyd, Polyporus subgilvus Speg., Polyporus subradiatus Bres., Polystictus imbricatus Lloyd, Polyporus subgilvus Bres., Polyporus pseudogilvus Lloyd, Polyporus chrysellus Bres., Polyporus ursinulus Lloyd, Polystictus pallidulus Bres., Polystictus pallidus Bres., Phellinus bolaris Pat.

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