Name: Entoloma medianox C.F. Schwarz
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Entoloma medianox

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: C.F. Schwarz


Deprecated Synonyms: Entoloma bloxamii sensu CA, Entoloma medianocte C.F. Schwarz


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Entolomataceae

Genus: Entoloma

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medianox vs. medianocte
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2015-03-05 11:46:58 CST (-0500)

medianox is a noun – my Yacht “Midnight”
medianocte is an adjective – my midnight bus
Inocybe hystrix – Inocybe “porcupine”
Inicybe hsytricina (if it were) porcupine-like (spiny) Inocybe

No orthographic variants !!!!
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2015-03-04 15:46:14 CST (-0500)

Specific epitheta "medianox"and "mediacnocte"are two different grammatical forms, and in no case they are orthographic variants of the same. “Medianox” is a noun, whereas the "medianocte"is an adjective. I hope you can see the difference. It’s not uncommon that two or more specific epitheta would be formed of the same root: e.g., Cortinarius vernalis Peck and Cortinarius vernus H. Lindstr. & Melot. Inocybe hystrix (Fr.) P. Karst. has to be Inocybe hystrix (porcupine – a noun in appostion), and not Inocybe hystricina (porcupine-like – an adjective).
In this case, Entoloma medianox C.F. Schwarz was published 2 or 3 days before
Entoloma medianocte C.F. Schwarz, and for that reason has a priority over the latter. The name Entoloma medianocte C.F. Schwarz has to be considered superfluous according to the Article 52.1 of the Code: A name … is to be rejected if it was nomenclaturally superfluous when published, i.e. if the taxon to which it was applied, as circumscribed by its author, definitely included the type (as qualified in Art. 52.2) of a name that ought to have been adopted, or of which the epithet ought to have been adopted, under the rules (but see Art. 52.3 and Art. 59.1).

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