Name: Mycotorula albicans (C.P. Robin) Langeron & Talice
Version: 1

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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Mycotorula albicans

Author: (C.P. Robin) Langeron & Talice


Preferred Synonyms:Candida albicans (C.P. Robin) Berkhout, Candida albicans var. albicans

Deprecated Synonyms: Oidium albicans C.P. Robin, Saccharomyces albicans (C.P. Robin) Reess, Dematium albicans (C.P. Robin) Laurent, Monilia albicans (C.P. Robin) Zopf, Parasaccharomyces albicans (C.P. Robin) Mello & L.G. Fern., Myceloblastanon albicans (C.P. Robin) M. Ota, Syringospora albicans (C.P. Robin) C.W. Dodge, Procandida albicans (C.P. Robin) E.K. Novák & Zsolt, Mycocryptococcus copellii, Mycoderma vini Grawitz, Monilia pinoyi var. pinoyi, Monilia metalondinensis Castell. & Chalm., Monilia metalondinensis var. metalondinensis, Endomyces faecilis Castell., Myceloblastanon skutetskyii M. Ota, Syringospora robinii Quinq., Saccharomyces tumefaciens-albus Foul., Parendomyces albus Queyrat & Laroche, Cryptococcus harteri Gedoelst, Endomyces pinoyi Castell., Endomyces faecalis Castell., Endomyces vuilleminii Landrieu, Monilia decolorans Castell. & G.C. Low, Parasaccharomyces harteri, Monilia faecilis (Castell.) Castell. & Chalm., Monilia metschnikoffii Castell., Monilia psilosis Ashford, Parasaccharomyces ashfordii H.W. Anderson, Cryptococcus copellii Mello, Monilia albicans Plaut, Monilia balcanica Castell., Monilia bethaliensis Pijper ex Castell. & Chalm., Monilia nabarroi Castell. & Chalm., Monilia pseudolondinensis Castell. & Chalm., Monilia pseudolondinoides Castell. & Chalm., Monilia pseudometalondinensis Castell. & Chalm., Monilia alba Castell. & Chalm., Monilia pseudoalbicans Neveu-Lem., Endomyces molardii Salvat & Fontoyn., Monilia albicans var. non-liquefaciens Sasak., Cryptococcus laryngitidis Sartory, Petgès & Claqué, Monilia butantanensis M.R.M. Gomes, Myceloblastanon cutaneum M. Ota, Mycelorrhizodes cutaneum M. Ota, Mycelorrhizodes gruetzii M. Ota, Myceloblastanon favrei M. Ota, Myceloblastanon gifuense Tanig., Mycotorula tonsillae Carn.-Ricci & Redaelli, Blastodendrion intestinale var. intestinale, Monilia aldoi M.J. Pereira, Monilia bucalis Niño & Puglisi, Monilia richmondii F.W.A. Shaw, Myceloblastanon bethaliense M. Ota, Myceloblastanon skutetzkyi M. Ota, Monilia buccalis Niño & Puglisi, Monilia fioccoi Pollacci & Nann., Endomyces albicans Okabe, Monilia mannitofermentans Castell., Monilia periunguealis Niño, Monilia alvarezsotoi S. Mazza & Niño, Monilia vaginalis S. Mazza & Los Rios, Blastodendrion erectum Langeron & Talice, Monilia inexorabilis S. Mazza & Palamedi, Mycotoruloides ovalis Langeron & Talice, Mycotoruloides triadis Langeron & Talice, Geotrichoides cutanea (Beurm., Gougerot & Vaucher bis) Langeron & Talice, Mycotorula albicans var. albicans, Blastodendrion oosporoides Zach, Cryptococcus pinoysimilis Castell., Monilia pinoyisimilis (Castell.) Castell. & Jacono, Blastodendrion oosporioides Zach, Cryptococcus skutetskyii M. Ota, Cryptococcus skutetzkyi M. Ota, Candida desidiosa Cif. & Redaelli, Candida mycotoruloidea Redaelli & Cif., Mycocandida pinoyisimilis (Castell.) Redaelli & Cif., Zymonema bucale (Niño & Puglisi) C.W. Dodge, Castellania metchnikoffii (Castell.) C.W. Dodge, Mycotorula sinensis Reiss, Mycotorula verticillata Redaelli & Cif., Parasaccharomyces colardii C.W. Dodge, Syringospora cutanea C.W. Dodge, Syringospora hasegawae C.W. Dodge, Syringospora negronii C.W. Dodge, Zymonema album C.W. Dodge, Mycocandida pinoyisimilis var. pinoyisimilis, Mycocandida pinoysimilis var. pinoysimilis, Parasaccharomyces colardi C.W. Dodge, Monilia stellatoidea C.P. Jones & D.S. Martin, Mycotorula periunguealis, Candida truncata Vanbreus., Candida claussenii Lodder & Kreger, Candida langeronii Dietrichson, Candida biliaria Bat. & J.S. Silveira, Candida intestinalis Bat. & J.S. Silveira, Candida genitalis Bat. & J.S. Silveira, Procandida grubyi E.K. Novák & Vitéz, Candida langeronii Dietrichson ex Uden & H.R. Buckley, Syringospora claussenii Van der Walt, Syringospora stellatoidea Van der Walt, Candida nouvelii Saëz

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