Name: Bolbitius “gastrocybe-yellow”
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Bolbitius "gastrocybe-yellow"



Preferred Synonyms:Agrocybe liberata (Kalchbr.) E.F. Malysheva

Deprecated Synonyms: Galeropsis liberata (Kalchbr.) R. Heim, Bolbitius liberatus Kalchbr.


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Bolbitiaceae

Genus: Bolbitius

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

This presumed species is discussed in the article “Taxonomy and toxicity of Conocybe lactea and related species” by Hallen, Watling and Adams in Mycological Research 107 (8): 969-979. From page 977:

G. deceptiva Baroni 1981 and a Gastrocybe-like specimen denoted Gastrocybe ‘yellow’ both formed a clade with Bolbitius vitellinus (Pers.) Fr. 1838 and allies.”

The name Gastrocybe lateritia has been misapplied to this species.

This species is phylogenetically a Bolbitius.

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By: Ryan Patrick (donjonson420)
2019-06-05 10:59:20 CDT (-0500)

“The species was originally described belonging to the ge-
nus Bolbitius, and only in 1950, R. Heim (Heim 1950) began
to treat it as a member of the genus Galeropsis. In his work
(1950), Heim particularly mentioned the similarity between
B. liberatus, Galera besseyi, and Galera angusticeps on the
basis of spore shape and size. The characteristics of spores
were also considered by him as the key features to distinguish
B. liberatus from two other secotioid species—Secotium
polytrichoides and Bolbitius cucullatus. On the whole, in his
comprehensive work, Heim drew important conclusions about
significant similarity between many secotioid species (even-
tually considered within the genus Galeropsis) based on mor-
phological characters. After Heim’s paper, the species concept
of B. liberatus has not been reviewed and the taxon has long
been neglected by researchers, not including a brief reference
in some papers of R. Singer (Singer 1949, 1963). In the pres-
ent paper, we provide the first most detailed microscopic de-
scription of the species.
The morphological revision of the type shows the species
combines some characters of Bolbitius (presence of
pseudoparaphyses) with some of Agrocybe (subcapitate
cheilocystidia, color of spores). Based on molecular data, it
most closely matches Agrocybe pediades and is placed within
the Agrocybe clade on the phylogenetic tree (Fig. 1). The
nrITS sequences of B. liberatus and A. pediades are quite
similar (genetic distance < 1%). However, it was shown that
for fine resolution of closely related species in Agrocybe,
nrITS has its limits (Malysheva and Kiyashko 2011). To unify
sequence-based and classical morphological concepts of spe-
cies, confirmation using other genes is needed. Presently, a
new combination, Agrocybe liberata, is proposed.
Two additional collections studied (AH 14268, AH
14096), originally described as Galeropsis besseyi, are also
nested in the B. liberatus-A. pediades clade.
Morphologically, they cannot be distinguished from
B. liberatus, but there are some differences in the nucleotide
structure of their nrITS and nrLSU sequences. Therefore, we
do not consider them to belong to B. liberatus.”

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By: Jacob Kalichman (Pulk)
2018-11-02 22:06:08 CDT (-0500)

Names need to be a little more Latin-sounding than “gastrocybe-yellow”… I don’t think anything else has been published on it since.

By: Image Sharer (image sharer)
2018-11-02 19:07:52 CDT (-0500)

Is the proposed name valid (legitimate) and properly published? Has any follow-up work been done on it?

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