Name: Stropharia umbonatescens (Peck) Sacc.
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Stropharia umbonatescens

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Author: (Peck) Sacc.


Preferred Synonyms:Protostropharia luteonitens (Fr.) Redhead

Deprecated Synonyms: Stropharia luteonitens (Vahl) Quél.

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Peter Werner who is working on his masters thesis on the Strophariaceae of California doesn’t think this is really a Stropharia, but he hasn’t looked at it closely yet.

11/.7.2010: I had previously misreported this as a Leratiomyces. It is not, in fact, either Leratiomyces or a proper Stropharia, but part of the Stropharia semiglobata group, a clade within the Strophariaceae who’s taxonomic relationships are not entire clear. According to Clemençon & Rofler, S. luteonitens and S. umbonatescens are synonyms. That being the case, “Agaricus luteonitens” is the older species name and takes priority. An even older synonym, “Agaricus nitens” is treated as a synonym for Stropharia semiglobata, and hence, not valid for this species.

Reference: Heinz Clémençon and Urs Roffler. (2003). The pseudosclerotia of the agaric Stropharia luteonitens. Mycological Progress 2(3): 235–238. Available from:

Aside from this being a Leratiomyces, it is unclear to me whether S. umbonatescens is synonymous with S. luteonitens or not, and if so, which the preferred name would be…

Some links… Not sure what to make of it all:

S. umbonatescens according to IndexFungorum
S. luteonitens according to SpeciesFungorum
S. umbonatescens according to MycoBank
S. luteonitens according to MycoBank


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