Name: Stemonitis fusca Roth
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Stemonitis fusca

Author: Roth

Citation: in Roemer & Usteri, Mag. Bot. 1(2): 26 (1787)


Domain: Eukarya

Class: Myxogastria

Order: Stemonitales

Family: Stemonitidaceae

Genus: Stemonitis

Brief Description:

SPORANGIA: Total height 5 to 20 mm. Sporangia cylindrical, obtuse, stalked, brownish purple or almost black, usually in large clusters, sometimes scattered.
PERIDIUM: membranous, persistent, purplish in the lower part, occasionally mottled with darker shades.
STALK: black, shining, 1 to 4 mm. high, rising from a brown, membranous hypothallus.
COLUMELLA: reaching nearly to the top of the sporangium.
CAPILLITIUM: of dark brown threads springing from all parts of the columella, combined into a loose network, the ultimate branches forming a delicate smooth or spinose surface-net with angular, unequal meshes, varying from 6-16 µm wide.
SPORES: grayish violet or brownish violet, 6-8 µm in diameter, faintly or strongly spinulose, the spines arranged in a more or less reticulate pattern.
HABITAT: On dead wood.

Taken from:

Plasmodium white. Sporocarps tufted on a brown, membranous hypothallus, 6-20 mm tall. Stalk black, shining, 20-45% total height. Sporotheca deep fuscous varying to dark red-brown, becoming paler as the spores are shed. Columella dark brown or blackish, reaching nearly or quite to the apex. Capillitium arising from all parts of the columella, freely branched and anastomosed, the ultimate branchlets united into a close-meshed surface net. Spore-mass fuscous. Spores violet-brown, prominently to delicately verrucose-reticulate or rarely spinulose or papillate, 7.5-9 µm diam.

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