Name: Pseudorhizina Jacz.
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Rank: Genus

Status: Deprecated

Name: Pseudorhizina

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: Jacz.

Citation: Opredelitel’ Gribov. 1. Sovershennye Griby: 414 (1913)

Preferred Synonyms:Gyromitra Fr., Discina (Fr.) Fr.

Deprecated Synonyms: Paradiscina, Maublancomyces, Fastigiella Benedix, Pleopus, Physomitra

Misspellings: Gyomitra, Gryromitra

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By: Django Grootmyers (Heelsplitter)
2015-05-18 01:16:31 CDT (-0400)

Methven et al.found Pseudorhiza to be nested within Gyromitra in a phylogenetic analysis.

Methven, A.S., S.E. Zelski, and A.N. Miller. 2013. A molecular phylogenetic assessment of the genus Gyromitra in North America. Mycologia 105(5): 1306–1314. DOI: 10.3852/12-397

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