Name: Pseudorhizina californica (Phillips) Harmaja
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Pseudorhizina californica

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Author: (Phillips) Harmaja

Citation: Karstenia 13: 56

Preferred Synonyms:Gyromitra californica (W. Phillips) Raitv.

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From MykoWeb:

“This false morel was historically placed in Helvella, and more recently in Gyromitra. Harmaja (1976), transferred it to Pseudorhizina citing a number of morphological and chemical differences, the most obvious being a ribbed cap with a tomentose undersurface, pinkish stipe, and smaller spores with oil drops that are variable in size and number. Recent DNA evidence supports Harmaja’s transfer. Pseudorhizina sphaerospora of Eastern North America is very similar, differing as the species suggests, by globose spores.”

However, more recently amanitarita reported:

DNA of this species is firmly within the Genus Gyromitra. Both this species and G. sphaerospora are now in newly created subgenus Pseudorhizina.
“A molecular phylogenetic assessment of the genus Gyromitra in North America,”
Andrew Methven, Steve Zelski & Andrew Miller
Mycologia (online) published 6 August 2013, 10.3852/12-397

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