Name: Leiotrametes Welti & Courtec.
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Status: Deprecated

Name: Leiotrametes

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Author: Welti & Courtec.

Citation: Fungal Diversity 55 (2012) [MB#563399]

Preferred Synonyms:Trametes Fr.

Deprecated Synonyms: Lenzites Fr., Pycnoporus P. Karst., Funalia Pat., Poronidulus Murrill, Coriolus, Xylometron Paulet, Artolenzites Falck

Misspellings: Trametest, Pycnoprous, Tramates

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Holotypus hic designatus : Polyporus lactineus Berk., Ann. Nat. Hist. 10: 373 (1843)

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By: Patrick R. Leacock (MycoGuide)
2017-10-03 21:01:02 PDT (-0700)

Leiotrametes is a synonym of Cubamyces which in turn is a synonym of Trametes.
Carlson, A., A. Justo, and D.S. Hibbett. 2014. Species delimitation in Trametes: a comparison of ITS, RPB1, RPB2 and TEF1 gene phylogenies. Mycologia, 106(4): 735–745.

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