Name: Spinellus Tiegh.
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Name: Spinellus

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Author: Tiegh.

Citation: Annls Sci. Nat., Bot., sér. 6 1: 66 (1875)

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Key to Spinellus
By: Darvin DeShazer (darv)
2011-06-30 20:51:23 CEST (+0200)

Spinellus sphaerosporus – globose spores ~10 µm; on Agaricus.
Spinellus chalybeus – fusiform to rhomboid spores 5-7 × 20-30 µm; on Inocybe & Mycena
Spinellus fusiger – fusiform spores 9-20 × 30-55 µm; on Mycena.
Spinellus gigasporus – fusiform to ellipsoid spores 13-15 × 50-60 µm; on ?
Spinellus arvernensis – fusiform to ellipsoid spores 18-40 × 60-80 µm; on Mycena.

Zycha, H. and Siepmann, R. 1969. Mucorales. Eine Beschreibung aller Gattungen und Arten dieser Pilzgruppe ( A description of all genera and species of this group of fungi). J. Cramer, Lehre, Germany. 356p.

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