Name: Fusicolla violacea Gräfenhan & Seifert
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Fusicolla violacea

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Author: Gräfenhan & Seifert

Citation: Studies in Mycology 68: 101 (2011) [MB#519439]

Deprecated Synonyms: Fusarium merismoides var. violaceum Gerlach

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Collected by: W. Klett
Collection date: nov 1968
Location details: Prov. Gilan, near Rasht
Country (state): Iran
Host: Quadraspidiotus perniciosus
Substrate details: on dying twig of Prunus domestica
Isolated by: W. Gerlach

“Most of the varieties within F. merismoides are distinct species, either within Fusicolla or in sister genera.” Gräfenhan, T., Schroers, H., Nirenberg, H., & Seifert, K. (2011). An overview of the taxonomy, phylogeny, and typification of nectriaceous fungi in Cosmospora, Acremonium, Fusarium, Stilbella, and Volutella. Studies In Mycology, 68, 79-113. doi:10.3114/sim.2011.68.04

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