Name: Lepidoderma carestianum (Rabenh.) Rostaf.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Lepidoderma carestianum

Author: (Rabenh.) Rostaf.

Citation: Rostaf., Sluzowce Monografia: 188 (1874) [MB#182525]


Domain: Eukarya

Phylum: Amoebozoa

Order: Physarales

Family: Didymiaceae

Genus: Lepidoderma

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Sporocarpous and usually sessile, 0.5-1.5 mm diam., to plasmodiocarpous and up to 1(-2) cm long. Stipe, when present, stout, dark, up to 0.2 mm long. Peridium membranous or subcartilaginons, usually thin, dull or usually slightly iridescent, dark brown to bluish grey. Lime scales 20-60 µm diam., usually white or grey, occasionally united to form a thick outer crust. Hypothallus thin, transparent, yellowish to dark brown, continuous, often scattered with lime scales. Columella usually present, variable in shape, forming a ridge in plasmodiocarps, usually c. 50% of the diam. of the myxocarp, white, cream to pale brown, darker when poorly developed, filled with large lime scales. Capillitium abundant, weakly attached to the peridium and columella, threads usually flexuose, uniform in diam., commonly branched and anastomosed to form a wide-meshed net, dark purple-brown, the tips hyaline, not noticeably tapered, smooth but often bearing spherical to fusiform thickenings. Spore-mass dark purple-brown to black. Spores distinctly and densely spinulose, 10-15 µm diam., often paler on one side. Plasmodium white, also reported as dingy white and black.

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