Name: Melanoleuca exscissa (Fr.) Singer
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Name: Melanoleuca exscissa

Author: (Fr.) Singer

Citation: [as ‘excissa’], Cavanillesia 7: 125 (1935)

Deprecated Synonyms: Melanoleuca cinerascens D.A. Reid

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From notes provided on a collection by Darvin:

Spores 7-9 um, amyloid with small warts.
Cheilocystidia septate with a dot in the middle of the septum and some with Inocybe type encrusted crystals on the apex.

Very similar or the same as M. utahensis. Mycologia 69: 927-951. However, the key and description lacks the clarity of Bas, et al.


Bas, C., TH. W. Kuyper, M. E. Noordeloos and E. C. Vellinga. 1999. Flora Agaricina Neerlandica: Critical Monographs on Families of Agarics and Boleti Occurring in the Netherlands. Volume 4: Strophariaceae, Tricholomataceae (3). A. A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 191p.

Gillman, L. S. and O. K. Miller. 1977. A Study of the Boral, Alpine and Arctic Species of Melanoleuca. Mycologia 69: 927-951.

Hanson, Lise and Henning Knudsen. 1992. Nordic Macromycetes Vol. 2: Polyporales, Boletales, Agaricales, Russulales. Nordsvamp Pub., Copenhagen, Denmark. 474p.

Dimitar provided the following additional notes:

One more good source that I use is:

Fungi Non Delineati: Osservazioni sul genere Melanoleuca by Fontenia, Gottardi and Para

The septate cystidia is quite distinct—the overall stature and other micro and macro features also suggestthat id.

Having said that, it needs to be pointed out that the available literature on Melanoleuca has huge gaps and glaring contradictions on most species and thus needs a critical rewrite. Yet, luckily on this particular species there seems to be good agreement, including the way it looks.

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