Name: Morchella snyderi M. Kuo & Methven
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Morchella snyderi

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Author: M. Kuo & Methven

Citation: Mycologia 104(5): 1159-1177 (2012)

Deprecated Synonyms: Morchella “mel-12”


Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Ascomycota

Class: Pezizomycetes

Order: Pezizales

Family: Morchellaceae

Genus: Morchella

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

See References in full Name Description, particularly Kuo et al. and Richard, et al.

Brief Description: [See More | Edit]

An Elata clade (Morchella sect. Distantes) (“black”) “natural” (non-burn) morel4

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