Name: Cleistocybe Ammirati, A.D. Parker & Matheny
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Name: Cleistocybe

Author: Ammirati, A.D. Parker & Matheny

Citation: Mycoscience (2007) 48:282–289

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A new clitocyboid genus of Agaricales, Cleistocybe, is described to accommodate the isolated evolutionary position of the new species Cleistocybe vernalis. The sister genus Catathelasma.

A PDF of the original article is available here.

Type species: Cleistocybe vernalis Ammirati, A.D. Parker & Matheny.

Latin diagnosis: Basidiomata clitocybiforma; stipes centralis, solidus; velum praesens vel ephemerum; lamellae decurrentes, roseo-brunneae, demum griseo-brunneae; trama lamellarum divergens vel intertextum, hyphis fi bulatis; basidia clavata; cystidia nulla; sporae albae, laeve, acyanophilae, inamyloideae.

When the genus was first published there were two known species: Cleistocybe vernalis, sp. nov., known from one local in Washington State, and Cleistocybe gomphidioides, comb. nov. = Clitocybe gomphidioides A.H.Smith (basionym), and = Clitocybe subvelosa A.H. Sm. & D.E. Stuntz, known from Washington, Idaho, and Colorado. Since publication C. vernalis has been confirmed from western Montana. Also there have been two taxa added to the genus from new name combinations. Camarophyllus carneogriseus (Malençon) Honrubia & Llimona, was renamed Cleistocybe carneogrisea (Malençon) Vizzini, Micol. Veg. Medit. 24(2): 95-98 (2009), and Hygrophorus pleurotoides J. Favre, was renamed Cleistocybe pleurotoides J. Favre ex Vizzini, Micol. Veg. Medit. 24(2): 95-98 (2009). These two species are known from Europe and possibly elsewhere.

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