Name: Piloderma Jülich
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Name: Piloderma

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Author: Jülich

Citation: Ber. dt. bot. Ges. 81(9): 415 (1969)

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Typification Details: Piloderma bicolor (Peck) Jülich 1969

Piloderma is morphologically closely related to Athelia in basidiome structure with the hyphae loosing intertwined but mainly differs in the distinct thick-walled basidiospores. Phylogenetical analysis confirm this relationship (Larsson et al. 2004, Larsson 2007b). Piloderma species are reported to be ectomycorhizal, as other species in Amphinema, Tylospora, etc. (Binder et al. 2005).

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