Name: Calocera cornea (Batsch) Fr.
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Rank: Species

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Name: Calocera cornea

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Author: (Batsch) Fr.

Citation: Stirp. Agri. Femison. 5: 67 (1827)

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Basidiocarps scattered, cylindrical, subulate, simple, slightly branched, palmate or dendroid, white to yellow, soft-cartilaginous, 1–5 mm high, 1–2 mm diam. Structure showing in transverse section composed of a central core of compact parallel hyphae surrounded by a zone of loosely interwoven hyphae enclosed by the hymenium. Internal hyphae branched, thin- or thick-walled, septate, sub-hyaline, 2–4.5 μm diam, without clamp connections. Hymenium amphigenous. Probasidia cylindrical to clavate, pale yellow, 10–28 × 3.5–5.5 μm, becoming bifurcate. Basidiospores subglobose to reniform, with an apiculum at the base, thin-walled, sub-hyaline, 7.5–12.5 × 3.5–6.5 μm (av. 10 × 4.5 μm; n = 20), 0–1-septate, germination via germ tubes.

Culture characteristics — Colonies attaining about 18 mm diam, velvety, pale orange. Conidiogenous cells on vegetative hyphae, polyblastic, sympodial. Conidia subglobose, 5–6 × 3 μm.

This species is characterised by hyphae without clamp connections, comparatively small, simple basidiocarps and 1-septate basidiospores. We found two types of basidiocarps for this species: simple or slightly branched basidiocarps and palmate or dendroid basidiocarps. As in earlier studies (McNabb 1965a, Reid 1974, Tubaki & Hosoya 1987), this species was frequently found on woody materials of broad-leaved trees. This was previously reported in Japan (Kobayasi 1939b, Tubaki & Hosoya 1987).


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