Name: Conocybe apala var. albipes (Otth) Arnolds 2003
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Name: Conocybe apala var. albipes

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Author: (Otth) Arnolds 2003

Citation: Persoonia 18: 227, 2003

Synonym(s):Conocybe albipes Hauskn., Conocybe apala (Fr.) Arnolds

Deprecated Synonyms: Conocybe lactea (J.E. Lange) Métrod, Bolbitius albipes G.H. Otth

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Other sources: Flora Agaricina Neerlandica vol. 6, p. 158

= Agaricus apalus Fr. 1818
= Agaricus apalus Fr. :Fr. 1821
= Pluteolus apalus (Fr.:Fr.) Quel. 1886
= Bolbitius albipes Otth 1871
= Conocybe albipes (Otth) Hauskn. 1998

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