Name: Inonotus dependens (Murrill) Vlasák & Y.C. Dai
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Inonotus dependens

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: (Murrill) Vlasák & Y.C. Dai

Citation: Vlasák,J;Li,H.J;Zhou,L.W;Dai,Y.C. 2013. A further study on Inonotus linteus complex (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) in tropical America. 124:25-36

Preferred Synonyms:Tropicoporus dependens (Murrill) L.W. Zhou, Y.C. Dai & Vlasák

Deprecated Synonyms: Fulvifomes dependens (Murrill) Bondartseva & S. Herrera, Pyropolyporus dependens Murrill, Fomes dependens (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter, Cryptoderma dependens (Murrill) Imazeki, Phellinus dependens (Murrill) Ryvarden

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