Name: Tuckermanopsis Gyeln.
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Name: Tuckermanopsis

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Author: Gyeln.

Citation: Acta pro Fauna et Flora Universati Bucuresti 1 (5-6): 6 (1933) [MB#5639]

Misspellings: Tuckermannopsis Gyeln.

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

There are two spellings of this genus. Index Fungorum prefers Tuckermanopsis with one N (and this is how Tuckerman spelled his name). “A Cumulative Checklist for the Lichen-forming, Lichenicolous and Allied Fungi of the Continental United States and CanadaChecklist of LichenNorth American” (as of version 22 at least) and most lichenologists throughout the world prefer Tuckermannopsis with two Ns.

Since Mushroom Observer historically has followed IF, the “incorrect” spelling will be deprecated.

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