Name: Amanita viridissima Wartchow
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Amanita viridissima

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Author: Wartchow

Citation: Plant Ecology and Evolution 149 (2): 242 (2016) [MB#814157]

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Type: Brazil

“Amanita viridissima is described as new species from the Bahian semiarid highlands. It belongs to Lepidella subsect. Solitariae stirps Cinereoconia and is charactererized by the medium-sized green basidiomes, clampless basidia, pale subhymenium cells, pigmented universal veil and with elongate (but also sometimes cylindric in our case) basidiospores. Other two taxa of stirps Cinereoconia, Amanita odorata and A. pelioma also have green pigments, but differ in several features.”

Felipe, Wartchow. “Amanita viridissima (Amanitaceae, Basidiomycota), a striking new species from highlands of the semiarid region of Bahia, Brazil.” Plant Ecology and Evolution 149.2 (2016): 241-248.

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