Name: Reticularia olivacea (Ehrenb.) Fr.
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Name: Reticularia olivacea

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Author: (Ehrenb.) Fr.

Citation: Stirpes agri Femsionensis: 147 (1825) [MB#183538]


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Protozoa

Phylum: Amoebozoa

Family: Tubiferaceae

Genus: Reticularia

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Plasmodium pink. Hypothallus thin and often protruding to form a white rim around the base. Aethaliate, depressed pulvinate, oval or ± irregular, 1-50 mm diam. and 1-3 mm thick, dark grey or olive-brown. Cortex thin and translucent, dehiscing irregularly. Pseudocapillitium shining, spongy, rigid and tough, forming a three-dimensional system of perforated plates. Spore-mass olive-coloured. Spores pale olive, in clusters of 5-25, turbinate and covered with long spines on the outside, almost smooth on the inside of the cluster, 10-13 µm diam.

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