Name: Agaricus “sp-RWK2125” Kerrigan crypt. temp.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Agaricus "sp-RWK2125"

Author: Kerrigan crypt. temp.


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crypt. temp.

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great Herbert!
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2017-01-16 16:27:18 CET (+0100)

I think designations for really unknown species, represented by only one fb, should remain at the numbered level until we know more. DNA is NOT enough to describe a species!!!! But fer chrissakes, when you have a large body of data on a species, and multiple collections and it’s already well known by many, it’s time to publish and make it real.

Kerrigan published 34 new species in his book.

For those who haven’t seen it, Kerrigan’s new book is GREAT!!! 40 years of deep research really matters. For one thing, it teaches you humility. That is something that is only learned and earned with time and good character. I found it utterly refreshing to not only have a wealth of knowledge clearly spelled out at my fingertips, but to see a thick thread of humility throughout. To know and to also know how little you know is something that only comes with time and wisdom.

My full review will be in the next issue of M the J.

don’t know what to tell you!
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2017-01-16 16:05:10 CET (+0100)

It’s not a genus, but a species designation by Kerrigan, no different that what folks like Rod throw up here every day. Kerrigan is a bit more careful about using names prior to their publication, so he chooses to use numbers exclusively.

Just how we decide to designate this here, I would ask the MO gurus. Not my job, Mon!

This isn’t a genus
By: Jacob Kalichman (Pulk)
2017-01-16 15:29:09 CET (+0100)

I keep getting “Name is invalid for rank species” when I try to fix it, no matter what typographical modifications I make.

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