Name: Cantharellus rubescens C.C. Nascimento, F.G. Pinheiro, Wartchow & M.H. Alves
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Cantharellus rubescens

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Author: C.C. Nascimento, F.G. Pinheiro, Wartchow & M.H. Alves

Citation: Cryptogamie Mycologie 35: 370 (2014) [MB#810094]

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Type: Brazil

Cantharellus rubescens is described and illustrated as new species from the semiarid of Northeastern Brazil. It is recognized by orange-yellow basidiomes, hymenophore and contex with a strong reddening-orange reaction, scaly stipe, basidiospores measuring 6-7.5(-9) × 4-5(-5.5) µm and having thick-walled (1-1.5 µm), terminal elements in the pileipellis. Morphological differences with other, orange-yellow Brazilian Cantharellus species are discussed, such as C. aurantioconspicuus, C. guyanensis and C. protectus.

Nascimento, C. C., Pinheiro, F. G., Wartchow, F., & Alves, M. H. (2014). Cantharellus rubescens, a new Chanterelle from the Brazilian semi-arid. Cryptogamie, Mycologie, 35(4), 369-375.

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