Name: Austroboletus shichianus (Teng & L. Ling) E. Horak
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Austroboletus shichianus

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: (Teng & L. Ling) E. Horak

Citation: Sydowia 33: 84 (1980)

Preferred Synonyms:Aureoboletus shichianus (Teng & L. Ling) G. Wu & Zhu L. Yang

Deprecated Synonyms: Boletus shichianus Teng & L. Ling, Boletellus shichianus (Teng & L. Ling) Teng

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By: Django Grootmyers (Heelsplitter)
2016-12-07 17:09:40 CST (+0800)

See: Wu, G., Li, Y. C., Zhu, X. T., Zhao, K., Han, L. H., Cui, Y. Y., … & Yang, Z. L. (2016). One hundred noteworthy boletes from China. Fungal Diversity, 81(1), 25-188.

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