Name: Humidicutis taekeri (A.M. Young) A.M. Young
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Humidicutis taekeri

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: (A.M. Young) A.M. Young

Citation: Fungi of Australia: Hygrophoraceae: 159 (2005) [MB#529762]

Deprecated Synonyms: Hygrocybe taekeri A.M. Young

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Collected by: F. Taeker
Collection date: 14/04/1984
Location details: Royal National Park, Bola Creek
Country (state): New South Wales

Substrate details: soil, among litter in rain forest

“Re-examination of the holotype has shown that Hygrocybe taekeri does not have dimorphic basidiospores and basidia but instead both have large and continuous ranges. The Lane Cove
material is similar. This result transfers Hygrocybe taekeri to subgenus Humidicutis.” (A. M. Young, 2001)

Young, A. M., R. Kearney, and E. Kearney. “Additions to the Hygrophoraceae of Lane Cove Bushland Park.” The Australasian Mycologist 20 (2001): 79-86.

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