Name: Phellinus caribaeo-quercicola Decock & S. Herrera
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Phellinus caribaeo-quercicola

ICN Identifier: missing

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Author: Decock & S. Herrera

Citation: Mycologia 98 (2): 269 (2006) [MB#501358]

Misspellings: Phellinus caribaeo-quercicolus


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Hymenochaetales

Family: Hymenochaetaceae

Genus: Phellinus

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Country (state): Cuba
Host: Quercus cubana
Substrate details: living trunk, about 2 m above soil

Specimens examined – USA. Florida: Broward County, Davie, Tree Tops Park, 26.IV.2009, leg. & det. J. Vlasák (JV0904/177, ITS rRNA GU594159); Everglades Nat.
Park, Royal Palm, 19.IV.2009, leg. J. Vlasák Jr., det. J. Vlasák (JV0904/28-J, PRM915960, ITS rRNA GU594158); 20.XII.2003 (JV0312/20.7-J).
Distribution & ecology – Described relatively recently from western Cuba as growing exclusively on Quercus cubana A. Rich. (Decock et al. 2006). Nevertheless, it seems not to be rare around Miami on dead stems and branches of Q. virginiana.
Comments – Phellinus caribaeo-quercicola produces large perennial bulbous or semipileate basidiomes, usually with several layers of rather long tubes. The rare to abundant thick-walled setae with hooked tips and subglobose thick- walled light yellowish spores are characteristic. The ITS rRNA of our collections corresponds perfectly to the published sequence (Decock et al. 2006).

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