Name: Ganoderma atrum J.D. Zhao, L.W. Hsu & X.Q. Zhang
Version: 1

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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Ganoderma atrum

Author: J.D. Zhao, L.W. Hsu & X.Q. Zhang

Citation: Acta microbiol. sin.: 268 (1979) [MB#314304]


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Polyporales

Genus: Ganoderma

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Location details: Hainan Is., Bawangling
Country (state): China

Substrate details: stump of angiospermous tree

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Remarkable job, anyway!
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-12-31 20:53:10 CST (-0500)
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-12-31 20:15:00 CST (-0500)

When you work on the name page, you should mark what the basionym of the Preferred Synonym and if possible, also what is the Type, the type location and if you have seen it. That’s usually done by an exclamation mark behind the Herbarium Code. When you waist your time on this activity, do it properly! Adolf
Also, you should update the counts. There are 26 MO observations of Cortinarius acutus and none of Agaricus acutus which is in fact the same fungus. This is important, because when people who would be looking for Agaricus acutus,would be confused and lost.

Creating so many MO Names is a real achievement
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-12-31 16:41:31 CST (-0500)
Why do you create also the Deprecated Synonyms?

It is quite a burden:
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-12-31 16:10:07 CST (-0500)

You have thousands names to add, if you want to clutter MO with all the names in Index/Species Fungorum. “Study nature, not books!” was the wisdom that Frederick Clements used to say. Adolf
P.S. We have already suggested (maybe in our private emails to Nathan, Joe et al.) that they should drop the Name Pages from MO and replace them with the recommendation that the MO users should follow the Index/Species Fungorum for posting their MO observations. O. & A.

Mushroom Observation nudum
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-12-31 15:12:02 CST (-0500)

Why to create MO Name Page, when there are no observation for it?

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