Name: Alyxoria mougeotii (A. Massal.) Ertz, Frisch & G. Thor
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Alyxoria mougeotii

Author: (A. Massal.) Ertz, Frisch & G. Thor

Citation: in Frisch, Thor, Ertz & Grube, Taxon 63(4): 727-744 (2014)

Deprecated Synonyms: Opegrapha mougeotii A. Massal.


Genus: Alyxoria



Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Opegrapha diaphora var. leightonii (Cromb.) H. Olivier, Expo. Syst. Descr. Lich. Ouest Fr. 2: 192 (1902)
Opegrapha koerberiana var. leightonii (Cromb.) H. Olivier, Les Opegraph. Flor. Europ.: 9 (1914)
Opegrapha leightonii Cromb., Lich.-Fl. Great Brit.: 385 (1871)
Opegrapha leightonii Cromb. ex Nyl.
Opegrapha mougeotii A. Massal., Memor. Lich.: 103 (1853)

Opegrapha saxatilis var. mougeotii (A. Massal.) Hazsl., Magyar Birodalom Zuzmó-Flórájá: 219 (1884)

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