Name: Omphalina sensu lato
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Rank: Genus

Status: Accepted

Name: Omphalina

Author: sensu lato


Deprecated Synonyms: Omphalinae sensu Singer, Omphaloid

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]
Arrhenia Hygrophoraceae
Blasiphalia Rickenellaceae
Cantharellopsis Rickenellaceae
Chrysomphalina Hygrophoraceae
Clitocybe (e.g. C. trulliformis) (Tricholomatineae)
Clitopilus (e.g. C. giovanellae) Entolomataceae
Contumyces Rickenellaceae
Entoloma (e.g. E. subgenus Omphaliopsis) Entolomataceae
Gyroflexus Rickenellaceae
Hydropus (e.g. H. praedecurrens) Porotheleaceae
Lichenomphalia Hygrophoraceae
Loreleia Rickenellaceae
Melanomphalia Hygrophoraceae
Myxomphalia Fayodiaceae
Omphalina (Tricholomatineae)
Pseudolaccaria Biannulariaceae
Pseudoomphalina (Tricholomatineae)
Rickenella Rickenellaceae
Xeromphalina Typhulaceae
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