Name: Amanita pyriformis Boonprat. & Parnmen
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Amanita pyriformis

Author: Boonprat. & Parnmen

Citation: Fungal Diversity 78: 138 (2016) [MB#551620]

Preferred Synonyms:Amanita orientigemmata Zhu L. Yang & Yoshim. Doi

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Type: Thailand

Amanita sect. Amanita

“Amanita pyriformis is similar to A. orientigemmata Zhu L. Yang & Yoshim. Doi (Yang and Doi 1999) in having broadly ellipsoid basidiospores, but differs from A. orientigemmata in having smaller, umbonate, pale yellow basidiomata and presence of pleurocystidia, while A. orientigemmata has larger basidiomes, up to 100 mm wide, floccose patches on the pileus and the absence of pleurocystidia.” (Boonprat. & Parnmen, 2016)

Boonprat. & Parnmen (2016), Fungal Diversity 78: 138

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