Name: Ophioparmaceae
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Rank: Family

Status: Accepted

Name: Ophioparmaceae



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Order: Lecanorales
Suborder: Lecanorineae

One to three genera, mostly crustose (Loxosporopsis dwarf-fruticose), with narrow hyaline spores, spirally arranged in the ascus. Typically with brownish-red pigmented lecanorine discs, with a distinctive K+ blue-violet reaction.

These are sister to Lecanoraceae, and I’m not 100% sure what separates them. None of these have Lecanora-type asci, and they have narrow fusiform, often multiply-septate spores, either twisted or spirally-arranged in the ascus.

There are only a handful of species in each (only one worldwide in Loxosporopsis).


Ophioparma spores straight, thollus uniformly K/I+ blue
Loxospora? spores curved to twisted, thollus with broad axial body
Loxosporopsis? spores curved to twisted, thollus with occular chamber but no axial body, dwarf fruticose


Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region, vol. II, Nash et al (2004) (Ophioparma treatment by Kalb, Ryan and Nash III)

Lichens of North America, Brodo et al (2001)

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