Name: Xerocomus subtomentosus (L.) Quél.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Xerocomus subtomentosus

Author: (L.) Quél.


Deprecated Synonyms: Boletus subtomentosus L., Leccinum subtomentosum (L.) Gray

Misspellings: Xerocomes subtomentosus (L.) Quel.

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By: Nathan Wilson (nathan)
2009-08-11 09:06:02 CDT (-0500)

As of Aug. 2009, the genera within Boletacea is still a large debate. The problem with both Xerocomus and Xerocomellus is that there are commonly found species that are clearly closely related that have yet to be transferred into these genera. However, they are still useful genera, so I’m trying to leave all of them as ‘approved’.

By: Jason Hollinger (jason)
2008-08-19 11:29:54 CDT (-0500)

According to indexfungorum Boletus is still preferred for this species.

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