Name: Cystoderma Fayod
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Name: Cystoderma

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Author: Fayod

Citation: Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., ser. VII 9: 350, 1889.

Misspellings: Cytstoderma

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

35 species are known worldwide according to the 2008 dictionary of fungi.

References include:

Justo & Castro (A Pantorra 2: 45 2002)
Saar (Mycotaxon 86, 455 2003)
Jamoni (Funghi e Ambiente 94-95: 51, 2004)
Saar & Laessoe (Mycotaxon 96: 123 2006)

Species found in the contiguous USA:
C. amianthinum
C. aureum
C. carcharias var. fallax
C. granosum
C. gruberianum
C. jasonis
C. pulveraceum
C. subvinaceum
C. texense

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