Name: Trametes Fr.
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Name: Trametes

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Author: Fr.

Citation: Fl. Scan.: 339 (1836)

Deprecated Synonyms: Lenzites Fr., Pycnoporus P. Karst., Funalia Pat., Poronidulus Murrill, Coriolus, Xylometron Paulet, Leiotrametes Welti & Courtec., Artolenzites Falck

Misspellings: Trametest, Pycnoprous, Tramates

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

See for a summary (including clades) of A. Justo & D.S. Hibbett. 2011. Phylogenetic classification of Trametes (Basidiomycota, Polyporales) based on a five-marker dataset. Taxon 60(6): 1567-1583, which proposes:

“all members of the trametoid clade should be classified under one single generic name (Trametes).”

The genus Trametes Fr. is characterized by having pileate basidiocarps, a trimitic hyphal system with clamp connections on generative hyphae, hyaline and thin- walled basidiospores that are negative in Melzer’s reagent, and causing white rot (Gilbertson & Ryvarden 1986, Ryvarden & Gilbertson 1994, Lindblad & Ryvarden 1999, Núñez & Ryvarden 2001). About 50 species in the genus have been reported in the world (Kirk et al. 2008)

Brief Description: [See More | Edit]

Macro: Polypore on dead or live wood, bracket-like without stem, with a cap, upper surface bristly to bald, often zoned; with pores, pore surface white to pale gray, causing a white-rot.
Micro: inamyloid, thin-walled smooth spores.1, 4

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