Name: Tremellodendron G.F. Atk.
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Rank: Genus

Status: Accepted

Name: Tremellodendron

Author: G.F. Atk.

Citation: G.F. Atk., J. Mycol. 8: 106 (1902)

Synonym(s):Sebacina Tul. & C. Tul.

Deprecated Synonyms: Cristella Pat.

Misspellings: Tremellodendon, Sebasina

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Original description
By: Danny Newman (myxomop)
2012-06-21 10:09:48 AEST (+1000)

from: Atkinson, G.F. “Preliminary note on two new genera of Basidiomycetes”. Journal of Mycology 8.3 (1902): 106. Web (

In studying the structure of Thelephora candida (Schw.) Fr., and T. gailida Schw., a little more than a year ago, I was surprised to find that they are not members of the Thelephoraceae, but belong in the Tremellineae, on account of the globose, cruciately divided basidia. They differ quite markedly from any of the described genera of the Tremellineae, but approach nearest (especially T. candida), perhaps, to Sebacina Tul. In Sebacina Tul., however, the plants are effuse and incrusting, only rising from the substratum in an irregular manner, or when encrusting erect objects, as grasses, herbs, sticks, etc. T. candida (Schw.), Fr., and T. pallida Schw. normally grow erect from the substratum and have a characteristic, more or less dendroid branching. They represent the type of a new genus for which I propose the name Tremellodendron Atkinson n. g., with Tremellodendron candidum (Merisma candida Schw.), and Tremellodendron schweinitzii (Thelephora schweinitzii Pk., T. pallida Schw., not T. pallida Pers.) as representative species (at least in part), for it appears that there are true Thelephorae which are nearly or quite impossible to separate from T. pallida Schw., without an examination of the hymenium.

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