Name: Hypogymnia austerodes (Nyl.) Räsänen
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Name: Hypogymnia austerodes

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Author: (Nyl.) Räsänen


Deprecated Synonyms: Parmelia austerodes Nyl.

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H. austerodes group now consists of seven species in North America
By: Jason Hollinger (jason)
2012-05-27 15:39:57 CDT (-0400)

Goward, T., T. Spribille, T. Ahti & C.J. Hampton-Miller. 2012. Four new sorediate species in the Hypogymnia austerodes group (lichens) from northwestern North America, with notes on thallus morphology. The Bryologist 115(1): 84-100.

H. austerodes s. str.
H. bitteri – unaffected
H. subobscura – unaffected
H. dichroma sp. nov. (these four used to be included in H. austerodes s. lato
H. protea sp. nov.
H. salsa sp. nov.
H. verruculosa sp. nov.

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