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Name: Stropharia aeruginosa (Curtis) Quél.
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General Description:

Pileus 13-45 mm in diameter, initially convex to finally flattened, umbonate; color dark grayish green (1 Gley 3/2) to grayish green (1 Gley 4/2) with the margin fading yellowish in older basidiomes; surface viscid, smooth, or with scattered yellowish scales radially disposed from the center towards the margin; margin regular, non-striate, slightly incurved; context fleshy, white. Lamellae sinuate to adnexed, close; color light to pinkish Fungal Diversity 37 gray (7.5YR 7/1-7/2) in young stages, becom- ing brown (7.5YR 4/2) to dark brown (7.5YR 3/2-3/3); membranous, margin with a whitish color, smooth to irregular. Stipe 16-71 × 2-7 mm; central, cylindrical, with a little expanded base; color white or whitish; surface striate in the apex, fibrillose to scaly from the middle to the base, dry; hollow, with abundant white rhizomorphs. Veil forming a fibrillose and fugacious annulus in the middle of stipe and sometimes it produces whitish membranous remnants on pileus margin. Spore print very dark brown (7.5YR 2.5/2).

Basidiospores 6.5-8(-9) × 4-5 μm, Q = 1.33-2, Qm = 1.66, n = 112; ovoid to slightly reniform in side view, ovoid in frontal view; wall smooth and little thickened, with a reduced germ-pore, color yellowish brown in KOH. Basidia 19-25.5 × 5-8 μm, clavate, bearing four sterigmata. Pleurocystidia 30-59 × 7-14 μm, as chrysocystidia, clavate, with a mucronate apex; thin-walled, but with an amorphous yellowish content. Cheilocystidia 25.5-50 × 6.5-14.5 μm, clavate with a capitate apex; hyaline to slightly brownish, but without amorphous content, wall slightly thickened; very numerous in the gill edge. Pileipellis is an ixocutis, formed by prostrate, gelatinized hyphae, (2.5-)4-9 μm in diameter, with yellowish irregularly incrusted pigment. Context formed by inflated, interwoven, (8-)10-16(-19) μm in diameter hyphae, with hyaline, smooth and thin-walled. Gill trama regular to subregular, composed by inflated, hyaline, smooth and thin-walled, 11-18 μm in diameter. Caulocystidia 22-43 × 7-9 μm, as chrysocystidia, fusoid to clavate, with mucronate apex, similar to pleurocystidia, scattered in the upper stipe surface. Stipitipellis formed by parallel, hyaline, smooth and thin- walled hyphae, 3-6 μm in diameter. Acanthocytes present in basal mycelium and rhizomorphs. Clamp connections present.

Habitat: Solitary to gregarious, on much decomposed wood, in semi-deciduous seasonal forest.

Known distribution: Europe (Watling and Gregory, 1987; Noordeloos, 1999), North America (Harper, 1914; Stamets, 1996), South America (Singer, 1969).

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