Public Description of Geastrum elegans Vittad.

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Name: Geastrum elegans Vittad.
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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Geastrales
Family: Geastraceae

Diagnostic Description:

From Ponce. (1968) (public domain):

Unexpanded basidiocarp globose, subterranean, becoming superficial and
expanded when 3-4 cm. wide; exoperidium split profoundly in 7-10
unequal hygroscopic rays, involute when dry; fleshy layer thin,
smooth, blackish; outer layer flocculent with abundant debris and
earth adhering, splitting from the fibrous layer that shines
metallically when exposed; endoperidium sessile, 1 cm. diameter,
depressed-globose, blackish, with the surface wrinkled or minutely
granular; peristome sulcate, concolorous, conical, on depressed
umbilicate zone; apex fimbriate; gleba reddish-umber; capillitium
threads tapering, simple, 6um in diameter, hyaline; spores globose,
5.25-6um diameter, reddish umber, verrucose.


Europe, North America.


Solitary on humus.

Look Alikes:

Although this plant was called G. umbilicatus from the
umbilicate zone around the peristome, this feature is also found in
G. campestre, and G. ambiguum. They differ in the size of the spores
and capillitium, the darker color and more rugose endoperidium of the
European plant.


Ponce de Leon, Patricio, A Revision of the Family Geastraceae, Field Museum of Natural History 1968.
Geastrum badium Pers. Journ. Bot. Paris 2: 27. 1809.
Geaster umbilicatus Fr. Syst. Myc. 3: 14. 1829.
G. elegans Vitt. Monog. Lye. 15. 1842.

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