Public Description of Hebeloma utahense A.H. Sm., V.S. Evenson & Mitchel

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Name: Hebeloma utahense A.H. Sm., V.S. Evenson & Mitchel
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General Description:

The peculiar odor and farinaceous taste distin- guish H. utahense from H. mesophaeum var. mesophaeum and its vari- ants. Also, the veil is apparently pale alutaceous in the young stages. The lack of a ventricose basal area in most of the cheilocystidia is a distinguishing microscopic character. The combination of the features of the cheilocystidia, the hyphoid hypodermium, odor and taste, and pale brownish spores in KOH amply justify its being recognized at the species level.

Diagnostic Description:

Pileus 12-28 mm broad, broadly convex to plane, surface matted fibrillose, ± viscid when fresh and moist, “Verona Brown” to “Clay Color”; the margin paler and (in age) pinkish buff. Context thick, pink- ish buff; odor distinctive but not identifiable, taste strongly farinaceous.
Lamellae broad, broadly adnexed, close(?), thin, acute at the pileus margin, not beaded.
Stipe 2-3 cm long, 2-4 mm thick, ± equal, brownish pallid above, darker below (as dried), appressed silky or with sparse pale tan fibrils of the veil in a zone near the apex (on dried specimens).
Spores 9-12 × 5.5-6.5 jJ.m, ellipsoid to ovoid (the H. meso- phaeum type), thin-walled, nearly hyaline varying to brownish in KOH, slightly darker in Melzer’s but not dextrinoid.
Hymenium.-Basidia 4-spored, 9-12 jJ.m wide near apex. Pleuro- cystidia none. Cheilocystidia 52-73 x (3) 4-6 jJ.m diam, subcylindric to filamentous, hyaline, not agglutinated.
Lamellar and pilear tissue.-Lamellar trama typical for the genus. Cuticle of pileus an ixocutis, thin and the hyphae 1-2.5 (3) jJ.m diam, clamped (some hyaline veil hyphae 4-7 jJ.m diam at times matted on surface but these not refractive in water or KOH mounts). Hypo- dermium hyphoid, ± tawny in KOH, speckled with pigment incrusta- tions or wall thickenings or both. Tramal hyphae of pileus merely yellowish in Melzer’s.
Habit, habitat, and distribution.-Scattered to gregarious on soil under lodgepole pine and willow, August 13, 1956, Black’s Fork, Utah, collected by Kent McKnight (type, MICH).

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