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Name: Hebeloma dissiliens
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General Description:

The spore shape is intermediate between the bean-shaped and the inequilateral types as seen in profile view. The species, clearly, is close to H. mesophaeum. The distinguishing fea- tures are the fragile, readily splitting stipe, narrow gills, mild odor and taste, and the dull cinnamon pileus at maturity.

Diagnostic Description:

Pileus 1.5-3.5 (4) cm broad, obtuse, becoming nearly plane or plano-umbonate, margin in some uplifted, for a time with patches of veil remnants along the margin causing it to be pallid, disc (and finally overall) cinnamon-brown to dingy cinnamon (“Sayal Brown”). Con- text thin, soft, brownish fading to pallid, odor and taste mild. FeS04 staining stipe base olive-black.
Lamellae pallid brown becoming dull cinnamon, crowded, ad- nate, narrow, not beaded or spotted.
Stipe 3-6 cm long, 2-3 mm thick, narrow, readily splitting lengthwise, soon dull rusty brown from the base up, pallid over surface from a thin coating of whitish fibrils but no annular zone evident.
Spores 9-11.5 × 4.5-5.5 /-Lm, nearly hyaline singly in KOH, in Melzer’s nearly hyaline (not dextrinoid) and only minutely punctate, in face view narrowly ovate to ± elliptic, in profile obscurely bean- shaped to elliptic or obscurely inequilateral, as revived in KOH with a large globule in the interior.
Hymenium.-Basidia 4-spored. Pleurocystidia none. Cheilocys- tidia 32-48 × 4-7 × 3-6 /-Lm, bent like a hockey stick at the base (or resembling a bent knee), scarcely ventricose near the base, ± cylin- dric.
Lamellar and pi/ear tissues.-Lamellar trama flushed rose color in Melzer’s but soon fading and hymenium ± remaining reddish orange. Cuticle of pileus an ixocutis, the hyphae 3-5 /-Lm diam and clamped at the septa, hyaline. Hypodermium cellular, rusty brown in KOH, in Melzer’s with a reddish tone, hyphal walls incrusted. Tramal hyphae typical of the genus.
Habit, habitat, and distribution.-Gregarious under a mixture of spruce and fir with scattered lodgepole pine, Elk Camp, Burnt Mt., Pitkin County, Colorado, August 12, 1979 (type, MICH).

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