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Lichenicolous, inducing gall formation on host thallus. Galls 2–4 mm diam., basally strongly constricted, slightly more pinkish than the host thallus, containing (10–)40–100 ascomata that are initially completely immersed and thus only visible in section, later become exposed through breakup of covering host thallus layer, resulting in roundish or irregular ‘pores’ of the host thallus of 20–80 µm diam., through which part of the ascomatal disc and exceptionally part of the margin can be seen. Ascomata initially entirely closed (cleistohymenial development) and subspherical, c. 100 µm diam., later opening by a breakup of the upper ascomatal wall, c. 100–200 µm diam. (difficult to measure without destroying the gall, as they remain immersed and almost entirely covered by host tissues at maturity); disc and margin pale brown, margin 20–40 µm thick, not breaking away from the hymenium when dry; hairs absent. Ascomatal wall hyaline, K–, basally and laterally 55–65 µm thick, of cells 3–6 µm diam., without crystals (but sometimes filled with crystals from the host thallus). Periphysoids absent. Hymenium hyaline, filling the entire ascomatal cavity, 130–170 µm tall, I–, K/I+ blue. Epihymenium hyaline, K–. Subhymenium hyaline, 5–10 µm thick. Paraphyses septate, simple or occasionally branched, 1.7–2.5 µm thick, apically not or slightly swollen. Asci subcylindrical, unitunicate, wall laterally thin, with a massive apical cap, entirely I–, K/I–, 4–6-spored, 70–110(–140) × 11–14 µm. Ascospores 1–2-seriate, oval to short-cylindrical, 3–septate (first septum median), slightly constricted near septa, hyaline, multiguttulate, (23.0–)24.4–28.0(–29.0) × (7.0–) 7.4–8.3(–8.5) µm, ratio length/width (3.0–) 3.1–3.6(–4.0) [N = 20], wall 0.5­–1 µm thick, perispore present, hyaline, appearing verrucose with DIC optics, c. 1 µm thick, in KOH up to 2–3 µm thick. Pycnidia unknown.

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