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Name: Agaricus subsect. Hondenses Kerrigan
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Stature of basidiomata erect, stocky or gracile, size 4-15 cm broad × 6-22 cm tall; edge of pileus usually not strongly inrolled in buttons; pileipellis pallid or brown, glabrous, fibrillose, squamulose, or appressed-squamose; surfaces and context generally unchanging, or mildly flavescent (at stipe base), in several species somewhat rufescent in places, subsequently to vinaceous or brown; odor usually predominantly phenolic, especially at base or stipe; stipe equal, clavate or bulbous to abruptly bulbous, interior stuffed-hollow; veils pendant, often subapical, elastic to rubbery-inelastic, or felty, in most species stiff and persistently horizontally flaring; spores ellipsoid to somewhat elongate, lacking an apical pore, spore size and L/W ranges: 5.1-6.3 *x 3.4-4.4 m, 1.33-1.67 (North America, two species), 1.30-1.67 (Northern Hemisphere, five species); cheilocystidia present, abundant or not, variously shaped, simple or one-septate; KOH positive (yellow); aniline + acids negative; o-tolidine blue on all parts. Occurring in forested habitats. Molecular characters: In a ClustalW alignment space 745 nt in length, of ITS1+2 DNA sequences beginning at 5’-ggaaggatca- and ending at –gaacttaa-3’, of 46 Agaricus taxa including 20 in section Xanthodermatei, the following five characters distinguish subsection Hondenses (five taxa) from other members of Xanthodermatei (21 taxa): ‘T’ vs ‘C’ @ pos. 205: t(c/t)(c/t)(g/t)Ttact; ‘T’ vs (A/C) @ pos. 553: (c/t)t(g/t)(a/g/t)T(c/t)(g/t); ‘C’ vs ‘T’ @ pos. 591: aacC(a/g)(c/t)tt; ‘A’ vs T @ pos. 643: tct(c/t)Ag(c/t)gt; and the presence (vs absence) of 6 nt @ pos. 683-689: (g/a)Tt[T(A/T)(A/G)(C/T)(G/T)(A/G)]gac vs (g/a)Gt6gac. The numerical positions of these sequence characters may shift slightly in other alignment spaces.

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