Public Description of Agaricus sect. Minores (Fr.) Henn.

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Name: Agaricus sect. Minores (Fr.) Henn.
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Delimitation of Agaricus section Minores: The characters of this section are those of subgenus Minores, but the Schäffer’s reaction is positive and the lower surface of the annulus is neither floccose nor squamose. The universal veil is poorly developed or absent.

- – Towards standardizing taxonomic ranks using divergence times – a case study with Agaricus. Fungal Diversity. 78:239-292

Type species: Agaricus comtulus Fr. designated by Heinemann, Bull. Jard. Bot. État 26: 42. 1956.

Facesoffungi Number: FoF01168; Fig. see Parra 2013, pp 968–975

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