Public Description of Mycena sect. Sanguinolentae Maas Geest.

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Name: Mycena sect. Sanguinolentae Maas Geest.
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General Description:

Basidiomata fairly small to medium-sized. Pileus pruinose, glabrescent, dark reddish brown invarious shades and at least at the centre. Lamellae ascending, at first whitish to pale dingy ochraceous, darkening with age, edge convex, dark red-brown or purplish brown. Stipe pruinose to puberulous at least above, glabrescent for the greater part, exuding a dull orange or reddishbrown fluid when cut, dark reddish brown in various shades below. Basidiospores ellipsoid, amyloid. Cheilocystidia forming a sterile band, generally fusiform and smooth and apicallynarrowed to form a slender neck, with reddish brown contents. Pleurocystidia similar if present.Hyphae of the pileipellis covered with simple to branched excrescences. Hyphae of the corticallayer of the stipe covered with simple to furcate excrescences. Caulocystidia similar to cheilocystidia.

Habitat – on decaying plant debris and fallen branches.

Three species belonging to this section are known from the United States, Europe, Japan and Papua New Guinea.


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