Public Description of Russula nitida (Pers.) Fr.

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Name: Russula nitida (Pers.) Fr.
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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Russulales
Family: Russulaceae

General Description:

Source: Funga nordica (2008)

Cap 20-60 mm, soon depressed at center, with strongly sulcate margin, purple, vinaceous, ochraceous or brownish; gills medium spaced, cream, then ochre, sometimes with red edge near cap margin; stem 25-70 × 5-15 mm, clavate, fragile, white, often reddish at the base; taste of gills mild or slightly acrid; smell indistinct; spore deposit ochre (IIIbc).


With Betula in moist forests, but also in more dry sites, even in parks

Description author: Anna Baykalova (Request Authorship Credit)