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Name: Xeromphalina cauticinalis (With.) Kühner & Maire
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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Typhulaceae

General Description:

Convex pileus 5mm – 2.5mm with a central depression. Reddish brown at umbo fading to ochre/yellow. Margin striate. Taste is bitter either immediately or slowly. Gills ochre/yellow and decurrent with veins in between. Stalk tough, 1mm – thick, often with a small bulb at the base. Dark brown below and burnt orange at the apex. Minute orange hairs along the length of the stipe, visible with a strong hand lens, and more dense at the base. Fruits in duff under conifers in scattered groups.


Fruits in duff under conifers in scattered groups.

Look Alikes:

In California, X. campanella has a mild taste and fruits in clusters on decaying wood (Sequoia semervirens).




There are further microscopic differences that I’m unqualified to comment upon.

The (sometimes conflicting!)sources used for this information were:

Mushrooms Demystified, David Arora
Trial key to the species of XEROMPHALINA in the Pacific Northwest

written by Debbie Drechsler 12/25/08

Current Name:
Xeromphalina cauticinalis (With.) Kühner & Maire, Bull. trimest. Soc. mycol. Fr. 50: 18 (1934)


Marasmius cauticinalis Fr., Epicr. syst. mycol. (Upsaliae): 383 (1838) [1836-1838]
Marasmius fulvobulbillosus R.E. Fr., (1900)
Omphalia parvibulbosa Kauffman & A.H. Sm., 17: 190 (1933)
Omphalia pubescentipes Peck, Bull. Torrey bot. Club 24: 141 (1897)
Xeromphalina cauticinalis subsp. pubescentipes (Peck) Redhead, Can. J. Bot. 66(3): 492 (1988)
Xeromphalina cauticinalis var. acida O.K. Mill., Mycologia 60(1): 177 (1968)
Xeromphalina cauticinalis var. subfellea Bon, Docums Mycol. 29(no. 115): 33 (1999)
Xeromphalina fellea Maire & Malençon, Bull. Soc. Hist. nat. Afr. N. 36: 36 (1945)
Xeromphalina fulvobulbillosa (R.E. Fr.) Kühner & Romagn., Publ. Inst. Bot. Barcelona 3(no. 4): 68 (1937)
Xeromphalina parvibulbosa (Kauffman & A.H. Sm.) Redhead, Can. J. Bot. 66(3): 497 (1988)

Description author: Debbie Drechsler (Request Authorship Credit)
Description editors: Nathan Wilson, walt sturgeon

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