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Name: Flammulina velutipes (Curtis) Singer
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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Physalacriaceae

General Description:

Viscid orange cap with white stipe with black base. Clustered,

Diagnostic Description:

Galerina marginata has brown spores and a partial veil.


Widely distributed.


On broadleaf logs & stumps

Look Alikes:

Galerina marginata


Edible. Is commonly cultivated.


“Common Name: Velvet Foot / Velvet Stem” Winter Mushroom

Current Name:
Flammulina velutipes (Curtis) Singer, Lilloa 22: 307 (1951) 1949 var. velutipes

Agaricus velutipes Curtis, Fl. Londin. 2: tab. 213 (1782)
Collybia eriocephala Rea, in Smith & Rea, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 3(1): 46 (1908) 1907
Collybia veluticeps Rea, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 1(4): 157 (1901) [1899-1900]
Collybia velutipes (Curtis) P. Kumm., Führ. Pilzk. (Zwickau): 116 (1871)
Collybia velutipes (Curtis) P. Kumm., Führ. Pilzk. (Zwickau): 116 (1871) subsp. velutipes
Collybidium velutipes (Curtis) anon.
Flammulina velutipes (Curtis) Singer, Lilloa 22: 307 (1951) 1949
Gymnopus velutipes (Curtis) Gray, Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. (London) 1: 605 (1821)
Myxocollybia velutipes (Curtis) Singer, Annls mycol. 41(1/3): 116 (1943)
Myxocollybia velutipes (Curtis) Singer, Schweiz. Z. Pilzk. 17: 72 (1939)
Pleurotus velutipes (Curtis) Quél., Fl. mycol. France (Paris): 334 (1888)

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